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10/10/2015 – Slab boxed up, pods and mesh installed.

And considering the shit weather yesterday I didn’t think we would see anything else done till next week BUT.. we decided to go past this afternoon and check anyway and…. WOW!!!!
It’s all been boxed up, waffles installed and mesh all done ready for concrete!!!




Down the side where the hot water system will be (Where the slab is boxed out) and where the clothes line will be.


Looking back along the same side from the other end. The Garage will be on the boundary (or almost)



Not much left for back yard but overall we will have more than we have here (combined rear and sides)


Down the other side (With Lisa walking away haha). We have quite a bit of space on this side due to the easement. Our boundary is pretty much following the line of soft dirt down to the porta-loo.



Looking at it from the vacant lot above and behind us. Love this block at the moment for over seeing our block. Not sure about it once a home is built?



Pegs showing our boundary line.


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