Retreat In Style

Creating a Touch of Style in Coomera Retreat

23/10/2015 – Second Floor Frames & Roof

Upper floor frames completed, lower floor roof framing done and part of upper floor roof finished. Advertisements

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22/10/2015 – Bracing, Joists & Safety Rails

Temp Bracing, Bracing Ply, Floor Joists completed and Safety Rails installed.

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21/10/2015 Lower Frames and Joists Completed

Progress by end of the day.. All lower floor frames have been erected and most of the floor joists have been installed.

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21/10/2015 – Lower Frames Going Up!

Frames are going UP!! Carpenters are hoping to have joists and upper floor completed by Friday I sort of gave them the incentive of a slab or two if they … Continue reading

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14/10/2015 & 16/10/2015 – Moisture Barrier & Steel

Not much progress for the last couple of days. 14/10/2015 – Moisture barrier fitted to slab edge. 16/10/2015 – Steel delivered.

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13/10/2015 – Fill Spread Around Slab

Fill removed from trenches and site scrape used to spread back around slab to divert rain away from slab.

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12/10/2015 – SLAB POURED!!!

WOOHOO.. Powering On!!! We now have a SLAB!!!!

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