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The Rubbish Tip

I have aptly named this page The Rubbish Tip as it will be a page where I will “dump” all my ideas, product images, 3D Renders, Plan snippets and anything else I just wish to keep track of so I (and you) can browse over it from time to time and decide which direction our build will take.

It’s All Black And White.

Our new home will be a stark contrast to all the beige homes we have lived in over the years. What I want to do is keep each room set with the basic colours and then add the feature colour.
The main living areas downstairs will be 600×600 porcelain tiles, white walls and ceilings, gloss black doors (yes you read right… Gloss BLACK doors with gloss white frames. All windows will have black aluminium frames. Stairs, all rooms upstairs and the Theatre will have black carpet with a speckle through it to hide the dust lol. Upper floor will have white walls and ceilings with a feature wall in what ever colour my girls heart desires lol.

The Theatre.. hmm.. This room will have a picture rail and the bottom half of walls will be in a dark grey / black wallpaper while the top half will be dark grey / black paint. Ceiling will also be Matt Black and to finish it off the Cornice will be Matt White with the Picture rail and Skirting done in Gloss White.

I must say a huge thank you to all the members of the HomeOne forum and in particular to Kelly (Belzey) for the inspiration gained from following along with her build and decorating. You can check out Kels build thread here: HomeOne Build Thread


Jump to a section in this page with the following links:

  1. Our Kitchen
  2. Theatre
  3. Lights
  4. Bathrooms
  5. Solar Ideas


Our Kitchen – A Splash Of Red.

Our Kitchen will be White Tiles, Black base cabinets, White benchtops and White Wall Cabinets. The colour will be added via the red splashback and possibly a red insert for the front of the island bench. Pendant lights will be Black with a larger version of this pendant in Red for over the Dining Table.

Red glass splash back with black base cabinets, white bench tops and white overheads.

Red glass splash back with black base cabinets, white bench tops and white overheads.

Same as above but with red glass insert into front of island bench. Cabinets are still black just the red face on the island

Same as above but with red glass insert into front of island bench. Cabinets are still black just the red face on the island

Another angle. The pendant lights are just for visual. They are not the actual lights we will be using.

Another angle. The pendant lights are just for visual. They are not the actual lights we will be using.



Theatre Room – Triple Strength Black.

The Colours
OK.. Our Theatre Room will be umm, lets just say.. DARK lol
There is one door and one fixed 600mm high x 3000mm wide highlight window.
The interior will rise from Black carpet to Black wallpaper up to dado rail with either Black or Charcoal Matt painted top wall and Matt Black ceiling.
The Cornice, Skirts and Dado Rail will probably be painted White.
Black cabinets and In Wall / In Ceiling speakers with acoustic panels shall complete the finer details.
We will have a raised platform for the second row of seats and the first row will probably be offset to the far wall to allow space to walk past.

This is the wallpaper I am thinking of. It’s a product from Superfesco Easy called Black Checkers (or Checkers Black depending on what site you look).
It is a geometric textured paper with a pattern match.

You can get it from your local Bunnings Hardware, Check it out on their website here:  Bunnings Hardware

OR, you can grab it from Graham & Brown in the UK and SAVE big time!! Check it out on their site here: Graham & Brown

Checker Black 1
Checker Black 2
Checker Black 3


The Sound
At this point in time, I plan to use Jensen in-wall and in-ceiling speakers as well as free standing subs at the front of the room. I know people will argue with this concept and some will have their own opinions on speaker brands but.. I like Jensen so I’m sticking with them for now. I also plan to use a Onkyo receiver.

The Receiver – Onkyo TX-NR3030. I wont bore you with all the details here but if you want to read up on it, check out this link: Onkyo TX-NR3030 Receiver

Onkyo NR3030 Rear

Onkyo NR3030 Rear


Onkyo NR3030 Front

Onkyo NR3030 Front


Onkyo NR3030 Remote

Onkyo NR3030 Remote

The Speakers – I will be using Jensen speakers exclusively. Yes I know there are other brands but I love the sound these produce

You… Light Up Our House!!


First round of lights. No doubt these may change, like my mind, as we progress. But this is what we have decided on so far.

Main light used EVERYWHERE.

Option 1 – Brightgreen D900+ LED Downlight.
First let me say that these lights are NOT cheap. Almost double the cost of option 2 below.
These downlights are by far the pick of the crop for me. We want a Natural / Neutral white and these are just superb. The beam angle is quite narrow compared to others but that works fine for me as I like symmetry ( 4 DL’s per square room rather than 2).
They are also mounted in a gimble style housing so I will be able to focus them on specific areas in some rooms while leaving them straight down in others. The Gimble is different from the traditional style in that it does not protrude from the ceiling. The “inner” section pivots to your desired angle then you just push up on it to lock it in that position.
I have also since found out that you can obtain a number of different covers for them to transform the light into various styles.

Brightgreen 900+ Curve LED Downlight.

Brightgreen 900+ Curve Downlight.

Option 2 – Atom AT9012 LED Downlight.
Not everyone is a fan of these due to the diffuser but I personally like the spread of light they give. There are NO dark spots in a room when using these. Value for money, I don’t think you can go past these however, compared to the Brightgreen, the Atom does not have the same quality natural white light. Still great just not quite there for me. These are also a little limited being a fixed light. If you wanted to focus a downlight you would need to change to a different type.

Atom At9012 LED Downlight

Atom At9012 LED Downlight

Pendant Lights for above Island Bench and Dining Table.
Mondo 46 and Mondo 61.
We will retrofit these with LED bulbs.
Will more than likely use 3 of the 46cm versions in Black over the island bench and 1 of the 61cm versions in Red above the Dining Table to tie it all together.


Mondo Pendant Light in Black. 3 of these in 46cm version over Island Bench


Mondo Pendant Light in Red. 1 of these in 61cm version over Dining to tie it back to Kitchen colours.

Outside Lights – Front
SE7022 Matt Black Up Down LED.
There will be 4 of these across the front.

SE7022 Matt Black Up Down LED

SE7022 Matt Black Up Down LED

Atom AT9133 Double LED Floodlight with sensor.
This will be to one side of garage and will be in white for discretion.
We will also have 3 more around the house but will not have sensors (dog will set it off lol)

Atom AT9133 Double LED Floodlight

Atom AT9133 Double LED Floodlight

Stairs – Atom AT9500 square recessed LED Wall Light
Not sure on these ones and have another design ordered in to check out..

Atom AT9500

Atom AT9500 Step Light

And Ceiling Fans.
Master, TV Area, Family and Alfresco – Aeratron 50″ 3 Blade DC Fan in White.


Aeratron 50″ 3 Blade DC Fan

Theatre Room – Aeratron 50″ 3 Blade DC Fan in Black


Aeratron 50″ 3 Blade DC Fan

Beds 2, 3, 4 & 5 – Aeratron 50″ 2 Blade DC Fan in White.


Aeratron 50″ 2 Blade DC Fan



Bathrooms Elegance.

Matt, Gloss, Ceramic, Porcelain.. so many choices…
I like the better quality porcelain tiles and have selected them for our bathrooms as well as the main living area floors.
We are going with:
Alto Nero Sealed Polished Rectified Porcelain tiles(Now that’s a mouthful lol) in 300×300 for the floors and 300×600 for the walls.







Solar Ideas

Tesla Power Wall.
Not released in Australia yet but scheduled for late this year?
Will be a awesome addition to the house to help reduce running costs. Maybe even eliminate electricity bills all together??

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  1. Riss

    nice choices – i have just started to read through your thread. We are building with Clarendon Park hill 29 at the tweed early next year. 🙂


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