Retreat In Style

Creating a Touch of Style in Coomera Retreat

06/10/2015 – Garage Beam & Piers

Ever so slowly.. Beam along edge of Garage and piers at front of house done today.

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01/10/2015 – Driveway Gravel & House Pegged Out

Not much to report. Gravel was delivered and spread out for driveway and house was pegged out. We now have pink dots everywhere lol.

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29/09/2015 – Site Scrape

We have progress!!! Our site was scraped today. WOO HOO!!!

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08/07/2015 to 11/09/2015 – Building Approval, Authority to Commence & Final Plans

08/07/2015 – Received building works approval from private certifier.   11/08/2015 – Received Authority To Commence letter from Rams. 11/09/2015 Final Plans

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Officially Land Owners!! 16/06/2015

Well, Our land was settled today so we are now officially land owners!!! And also proud owners of a bloody huge debt!! pmsl. Now just to finalise the plans, get … Continue reading

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26/05/2015 – Thank You Rams!!

Well the trip to see Westpac didn’t go well. We originally had pre-approval but Westpac have updated their policies in the months that it has taken us to secure a … Continue reading

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20/05/2015 – Tick Tock… Off To Westpac

Off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz… OK.. Maybe it’s not a wizard but Westpac lol. Hmm.. maybe they will need to be some sort of wizard … Continue reading

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06/05/2015 – Our Home – The First Look

After a patient few weeks, we finally have a set of plans and contract. Have already made a list of about 17 items that need to be altered / corrected … Continue reading

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21/03/2015 – Welcome to Clarendon Homes

Well after all the drama we had with PH, we decided to start looking at other builders. We contacted a few that all had great ideas and a couple even … Continue reading

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10/01/15 to 21/03/15 – First Builder Blues

Lets create a bit of a timeline here shall we… 10/01/2015 – Paid initial deposit to PH. After looking through many different display homes, we found ourselves coming back time … Continue reading

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