Retreat In Style

Creating a Touch of Style in Coomera Retreat

10/10/2015 – Slab boxed up, pods and mesh installed.

And considering the shit weather yesterday I didn’t think we would see anything else done till next week BUT.. we decided to go past this afternoon and check anyway and…. … Continue reading

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08/10/2015 – Mesh & Rio

No progress today. Only mesh and rio delivered ready for next week. Hope the weather is good!!!

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07/10/2015 – Trenching, Plumbing and Meterbox

More progress today!! Electrician is out there now fitting the meter box and connecting the 3 phase power, plumbers are doing the trenches and plumbing.  

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06/10/2015 – Garage Beam & Piers

Ever so slowly.. Beam along edge of Garage and piers at front of house done today.

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01/10/2015 – Driveway Gravel & House Pegged Out

Not much to report. Gravel was delivered and spread out for driveway and house was pegged out. We now have pink dots everywhere lol.

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29/09/2015 – Site Scrape

We have progress!!! Our site was scraped today. WOO HOO!!!

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08/07/2015 to 11/09/2015 – Building Approval, Authority to Commence & Final Plans

08/07/2015 – Received building works approval from private certifier.   11/08/2015 – Received Authority To Commence letter from Rams. 11/09/2015 Final Plans

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