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Creating a Touch of Style in Coomera Retreat

03/01/2015 – Deposit On Land

After searching and searching, we finally found a block of land that suited our needs. Not quite as large as I wanted and made smaller with the fact it has a easement down one side, but still a nice block in a great location. Located in the last stage of Coomera Retreat, Upper Coomera, it is a level 530m² block with a 3 Meter wide easement running front to back down the right side. We also have retaining walls to the left side and rear of the block and will be building to boundary on the left side.

03/01/2015 – Paid initial deposit to Developer and signed contracts.
09/01/2015 – Land given unconditional approval by bank (Still conditional on approval of build portion). Looks like we own a patch of dirt haha!!


My beautiful partner Lisa standing beside the SOLD sign


The Nature Strip across the road from our block.

Also serves as a screen from the main road and does a excellent job at adding extra costs to our build (Fire Rating).


Lisa standing somewhere?? on our block lol





We should end up with some “OK” views from the top floor once the estate is completed.


View across the road straight at our block.


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